It’s all about flavour!

Welcome to my blog. A lifetime of recipe experimentation, successful dinners at my house with the guests commenting, “Why don’t you cook for a living?” or “When can we come back?” have led me here.

One of my greatest joys in my life is the anticipation around preparing and executing a recipe. The internet and the saturation of cable TV specialty channels can overwhelm you with a plethora (I love that word) of ideas from the most basic to technically challenging.

My approach is simple. I have a few rules when cooking.


1. I never use margarine. EVER. Ew.

2. Preparation and planning is key. While it’s good to improvise, a plan will keep you prepared and calm in the face of emergencies. 

3. Experiment! If you’re in the midst of prep, and you think to yourself, “This would be really good with a little….” Do it! You don’t know until you try.

4. Music – music in the kitchen is essential for me. Build a playlist, turn on your favourite radio station or pop in a CD (do people still do that?). Let the music guide you.